The South Florida Championship 2014-2015 was the showcase of our MTB team.

The race took place Sunday November 23, 2014 at the Caloosahatchee regional park at Alva, Florida. The course was made up of challenging obstacles making all Mountain Bikers show their skills through-out the race.
The 2nd race of the series maintained tension right to the finish as our own Team Galiz Mountain Biker Ariel Campaniolo shrank the gap between him and the leading rider from Pro cycle team. In a race of attrition that saw several top teams and top riders fall by the wayside in the closing miles, Ariel with #435 on his specialized MTB from Galiz Cycling MTB Racing Team obtained the overall second place podium by a mere seconds from the event leader in their respective category.
The race featured over 200 MTB participants from all over the Florida State, with Galiz Cycling MTB Racing Team as one of the main figures in the dispute for the top podium places.
As some opponents licked their wounds following several crashes and falls during the course, Team Galiz riders were focused on making this race a winning event and making all Team Galiz club members proud of their results. Ariel Campaniolo, Francisco Tirado, Benjamin Suarez, David Cova, Oscar Guedez, Juan Silva, Rafael Bertorelli, Dimitri Mundarain, Victor Cespedes, Hector Escobar, Otoniel Flores, Gustavo Sanchez , Aurelio Sanoja, Lucas Velez y Ricardo Mundarain celebrated our MTB Teams first winning Podium.

“It’s one of those big races that you just want on your resume. The guys were prepared. Everybody knew exactly what to do and how to do it, and the execution was perfect. It’s a heck of a feeling and I couldn’t be any happier.” – Team President Luis “Lucho” Pedraza.

Ricardo Mundarain Oscar Guedez Juan SIlva Francisco Tirado Dimitri Mundarain2 David Cova Galiz Cycling Team